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NUC8i7HVK GUI elements make video playback in fullscreen choppy (frame drops)


To be fair, this is a very special problem and request and don't expect a solution by "basic treoubleshooting".

I am hoping to find someone with similiar experience, maybe a solution or confirmation that this is broken by design.

I purchased the system just for one main purpose: as powerful Media center for videoplayback. And hilarious here, it fails.

To the issue:

  • For some reason, videoplaybacks get choppy and frames drop, when elements gets displayed
  • For example the navigation bar in MPC-HC
  • or when subtitles are displayed in the official Netflix App
  • Check the Attachement video to get the point

Things I already tried:

  • I have the systems since a good year, so I tried all official and current drivers
  • I also tried the current drivers for Intel and AMD GPU which are not official for this NUC
  • I have tried the back and fron HDMI port, same issue
  • I have disabled hardware accelarion in LAV video decoder
  • I have set force Netflix/MPC-HC to a GPU (Intel -> energy saving mode, AMD -> maximum performance mode) -> with Intel, the issue is even worse
  • I started with Windows 1809 with same issue, 1903, 1909 and now 2004 -> it doesn't matter, all the same
  • I have set general energy profile mode to maximum performance

This is not a specific software issue:

  • completely independent software players do have the issue (Netflix, MPC-HC)

Why I think this a NUC8i7HVK NUC issue:

  • I have so many system around my, starting from a crappy N270 Atom system, til 8086K GTX980Ti  system, Sandy Bridge systems, Haswell systems, sometimes with NVIDIA GPU, some are integrated Intel GPU, Laptops, Desktops....
  • they are all the same way configured as this Intel NUC
  • not a single one system do have this issue. This issue is only with this NUC

So... I have no idea where it might come from. Maybe an AMD issue? (I don't have that much AMD experience) Maybe this special CPU-GPU combination?

The system itself is very powerful, fast and games runs very smooth. It's only this nasty frame drops with the videos, but it's very important it's just impossible to enjoy Netflix.

I have attached you SSU file, but expect full of unsupported drivers, but as I said, it's independed from drivers.

I appreciate any hint to a working solution.

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Hi Ronny,

I have called the Support Hotline for germany 069 9509 6099 and provided the Casenumber.

All he said is, the Case is assigned to someone, so he can't help and he will inform the Caseowner (you) that I called in.

Thats all "Help" I got. What is the next step?


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Hi MKune1,

I apologize for that, I expressively requested on the internal case documentation to have your call routed to the management escalation team, we failed to do that.

I am sending you an email, please provide me with your phone number (if you are okay with this) and I will request the management escalation team to call you back.


Ronny G


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