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NUC8i7HVK Not Booting with USB sound card attached



Just got my New Hades canyon set up having issues booting when with of my 2 external sound devices are connected either to a USB hub or directly to the NUC

I have a anker USB 3 hub in the back and it will boot fine with external drives, UPS data and printer

but as soon as i connect either my ASUS xonar USB sound card / amp or my steelseries headphone device it it wont boot

takes me to the error of cant find boot device ? press y to go settings or n to try again

so if i go to bios by pressing y then i can see the UEFI boot drive and nothing else

i have tried the option to disable external USB boot devices and it makes no difference

really strange as soon as i remove the sound devices its fine?

any ideas please ..... and thanks in advance.

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Hi Spiralz,

Congratulations on your purchase. I have one too and enjoy booting up every day!


I assume that you've tried these in isolation: ASUS sound card and your SteelSeries headphone device?

What OS are you running?

If you are using Windows OS, please run the Intel® SSU tool and attach the output txt file to this thread.

You can get the tool here: