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NUC8i7HVK last Radeon™ RX Vega M Graphics Drivers W10

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Hi all


I´m about to buy a brand new NUC8i7HVK for a really good price and I am doing some research before.


I would  install W10 but I have noticed the last drivers (July 2022) for the Radeon graphic card are meant to be installed on W11. Indeed I dont find any other drivers for Radeon in intel support website for this NUC. I would like to know a couple of things:

1. which driver is the most stable for Radeon™ RX Vega M GH Graphics on W10 and where to find it.

2. Is there a realible Website where I can find the rest of the Intel drivers for this NUC?

2. Does the NUC switch to the Intel® HD Graphics 630 at lower activity? Is this possible or does the Radeon Vega work at all times?

2. Is there any known flaw or weak point to take into consideration?


It seems to me a decent NUC. Any  inputs about it are welcome




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Hi Michie,

I'm using Hades Canyon NUC for a quite long time. It is an excellent NUC.  For few years worked with Windows 10 Pro O.S. and with release of Windows 11, upgraded to Windows 11 Pro. Never got stability problem with this NUC in any aspect. Now, will answer to your questions:

1. The latest Radeon™ RX Vega M GH Graphics driver is also applicable for Windows 10. Please read the Detailed Description on Download Page. 

2. You may download older drivers from AMD Site.  However be aware, that usually you will not be able to install it on your NUC, because off some contractual issues between Intel and AMD. 

3. The AMD Graphics is working all the time and can't be disconnected. The Intel® HD Graphics 630 is not physically connected to graphics outputs. The Intel Integrated Graphics supports the AMD discrete GPU in encoding/transcoding of video contents. 


Hope this helps.



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As for the other drivers, they can be found with this search:

A word of note: Install all drivers manually; only rely on the Intel Driver and Support Assistant (IDSA) afterwards to keep (most of) them up to date. Note also the following articles (especially the third): 


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Thank you guys for your inputs! 


Unfortunately the product is gone from the online shop even when it showed 9 units available. **bleep**, too late. I am considering write the vendor and ask for the product. Otherwise I could buy an e-gpu (and a case) for my NUC8i7BEH.


For me to be on the same page about the Intel HD 630 Graphics: This card support the other one but cant work alone, right? It would have been nice to have the option of switching between both so the AMD one is not always working but I have no clue about hardware and how complicated this might have been.


Thanks again Scott and Leon. You have always helped me with any question arised. Its a treasure to find you once again in these forums.




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BTW, I consider Phantom Canyon (NUC11PHKi7), with its integrated NVIDIA RTX 2060 graphics, to be a much better choice. Of course, you won't find it at 'quite' so nice a price.   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯