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NUC8i7HVK mini-DP to DP - screen flicker for new Radeon driver 18



I always had some issues with my monitor (Acer XR342CK) which is attached mini-DP to DP with the NUC. At very first start of connection when the driver is loaded (Windows Logon and resume from standby) the was a screen flicker. Sometimes only one time the other day maybe 5 times but after this initial flicker the connection was stable at all.

After upgrading the Radeon driver to the newest available version (18) the monitor is only flickering and no stable connection can be achieved. Simply speaking this setup is not usable. I already tried some different cables, an usb-c to DP adapter. What I can say is that this is related 100 % to the Radeon driver because with the standard windows driver the connection is stable from the very first begining without ANY flicker issue at all.

Please help to solve this problem. I have switched back to version 17 for now and attache by a oelbach cable (high bandwidth able). My hope is to get a driver which will work without any flicker-issue at all.

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Hi I have the same Intel® NUC Model NUC8i7HVK and updated to the new Radeon drivers and I have the Intel One turned off in bios and am having no problems with Video however I have 2 other computers that went to black screen with the Windows 1803 update

However I did not turn off the Intel GPU till after I had done the Windows Update. Through trial and error I have found it is better to turn hardware back on in Bios with most computers when doing a Install or major update of Windows.

But I do now have a problem since updating windows to 1803

TPS65988 device Is not working

Upon further investigation, the properties under the device itself reports DEVICE_POWER_FAILURE.

SO not all nice and happy with Windows and there Broken Update