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NUC8i7HVK momentary screen blackout


Hello Everyone,

has anyone encountered their monitor going dark and then coming back on?

the audio is still running and all. The screen blackout lasts about 3 to 4 seconds and then comes back on.

Not sure if its when the system is switching between the Intel onboard and the Vega?

This starts happening after about 2 days of use. not sure if it is a driver issue. i've tried changing from one Display port to anther. The frequency of sudden blackouts is less but still there.

I'm also not sure what triggers these black outs.

anyone have any suggestions. from what i saw the other NUCs also have this problem and it was a driver issue? would have thought that after so many iterations, this sort of thing would not happen on the latest greatest.

My current build is as follows

2x 2400 8gb Crucial

1x 970Evo Samsung M.2

windows 10

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When any game and video application goes fullscreen, GPU will reset, screen turns black and application crash, after few seconds GPU will recover.

Very depressed by this problem.The mitigation measure is to run the program at windowed mode.

I tried undervolt and overclock the GPU, adjusted some Radeon WattMan parameters but failed, the result is GPU reset and the Radeon control panel crash.

Update: My problem solved. Don't enable AMD Enhanced Sync in Wait for Vertical Refresh Radeon game setting.


Hi magsom

That does not seem to be my case.

i know that when we full screen things to go into games or other applications that need full screen the GPU needs to readjust the resolution to meet the requested resolution of the application therefore the quick screen blackout.

My problem that I faced was, even when I was out of full screen applications and the computer is just idle or even watching a video in window mode while working on visual studio the screen will just go black for 3 to 4 seconds and then come back on.


update: I wondered if it was a driver problem with the Mini display ports so i tried moving to HDMI. So far using it for about 3-4 hours there was no blinking,

lets see if this is still the case after using the NUC for a full day.