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NUC8i7HVK shuts down from sleep mode during nighttime

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Just got the Hades Canyon NUC and couldn't be happier. I have installed all the drivers and updated the BIOS. OS is Win 10 Pro. The issue. The NUC seems to shut down when I leave it in sleep mode. This does not happen when the sleep mode is on for a shorter period of time as even after an hour or two the skull and the power button are still white and blinking (my setting for sleep mode). However, if I leave the NUC to sleep over night, it powers itself off (no LEDs on) in by the next morning. Why is this?


I've tried to search information on this issue but there seems to be none. I've gone through the Windows 10 power settings but cannot find anything on powering off from sleep mode. I've also yet to find anything from the BIOS settings.

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Within Windows, try disabling Monitor Sleep and see if this alleviates the problem. This is done in Settings / System / Power & Sleep. I mean this as a temporary thing to try, not a permanent workaround...