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NUC8i7HVK - temperature sensor on GPU for fan control


It seems to me that fans are not controlled by GPU temperature.

So for scenario when CPU is with disabled TurboBoost or downclocked and GPU overclocked (to preserve power envelope) GPU temperature will go up to point where it starts throttling.

Is there a way how to tight both these temperatures together? In BIOS I found secondary sensor option but I can't find GPU there.


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Hello, PetanoCZ. Thank you very much for taking the time to reach the Intel Communities Team. I will do my best to assist you further.



Allow me to share with you that the CPU and the GPU are in a single die, as a result, the fan will automatically control the temperature of the whole die.


Regarding the scenario mentioned in your post: With the GPU being overclocked, the temperature is going to be high in the die and throttling is expected. The fan will dispel the heat on the die depending on the temperature of it. Remember that the risk of overclocking is too great and the results may vary.




Antony S.

Thanks for response. With i7-8809G I would not use word single die. Intel calls it EMIB.

Problem is that throttling level for CPU is different for GPU. I can see when GPU is going over 80 degrees it already starts to throttle compare to CPU which is perfectly fine.

For dual load (CPU and GPU same time) GPU has typically lower temperature but I would rather not rely just on this.

Just extra line in BIOS called GPU with reference to GPU thermal sensor to drive fans by this temperature too would be awesome.

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It's a lovely thought, but it may not be possible. Fan Speed Control is implemented in a separate device. In order for a temperature to be included in the decision-making, this temperature sensor would need to be physically exposed outside of the processor package. I am not sure that this is the case - but am checking into it...