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NUC9i7QNX - trouble enabling legacy boot


I'm trying to boot from a clone of a drive that has Windows 7.  I was told that I needed to enable legacy boot to do this.  In my research, I discovered I needed to disable secure boot and modern standby in order to do that.  However, I do not see any options in the BIOS mentioning modern standby. I see an option named "Native ACPI OS PCIe Support", which is apparently the same thing, but it is greyed out in the BIOS, and I am not allowed to disable it.

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You have more problems.  Windows 7 is not supported on 7th gen or later processors.  You should abandon this effort.



Would it change things at all if the installation were upgraded to Windows 10?  I remember being told something like that it would still in some ways be a 7 installation "at heart", but I figure, won't hurt to bring it up.  Darn shame if I'm stuck just moving the data over and reinstalling everything as I need it.  Thank you for your time either way.

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You are not stuck "just moving data".  You are trying to boot a W7 OS on a processor that it is not intended for. 

Salvage your data, and do a clean install of W10 (in UEFI mode), restore your data, and be done with it.

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As bluntly as Al has put it, he is indeed correct. Trying to get Windows 7 to boot up far enough to then upgrade to Windows 10 has been done, but it takes a lot of hacking of driver installers, INF files, etc. to do so. If you don't have the knowledge to do so, stop now and install Windows 10 from scratch.


P.S. You do know that you can use your Windows 7 license key for this, right? You do not need to purchase a Windows 10 license if you have a (currently unused) Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 license key.