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NUCi3BNK Bios 0083 update fail



Intel Drive & Support page informs me that there's an update to my BIOS (see screenshot above). After downloading and open it, it tells me to restart the NUC to complete installation. However, when I restart, the BIOS updated doesn't seem to be installed as the I'm returned to the same Intel Driver & Support page (see screenshot above). I've gone round this process three times now with the same end result - no joy! So, how do I get the NUC to update the bios driver from 0031 to 0083?

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Thank you Al Hill and Alberto, for your responses to my previous query about the same issues. My sincere apologies for failing to check for responses before re-posting. I think I gave up in frustration last time; forgot I even posted the question and so never returned to see if anyone had responded. As you can see, I have just gone around the same merry-go-round of being prompted to update the BIOS, attempting to do so and failing again. But I see from your response to my previous post that there is a solution, there's hope...

Al Hill, I'm not a tech person, so I need some help to understand your fix to the problem. How do I "run MSINFO32" to see if I have "Secure Boot" enabled? Would you mind providing (a link to) step by step instructions, please?

Ps, I can use a handful of Microsoft 365 apps and surf the internet, but that's about the limit of my computer skills/ knowledge. That said, I'm keen to learn.

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Hi @MLaza3 

No need for second post. See my answer in your other post.