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Need to select the correct BIOS files for my NUC6I7KYB prior to upgrade. Pls. recommend correct BIOS file for upgrade. <experiencing recurrent thermal trip error> Thx!


Current BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. Version KYSKLi70.86A.0034.2016.0503.1003 DATE 5/3/16

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The latest BIOS version is 67 (KYSKLi70.86A.0067.2020.0325.1553). It can be downloaded from here:


Now, going from BIOS 34 to BIOS 67 is an awfully big jump. I therefore recommend that you install this latest version using the BIOS Recovery method. Here is a quick process for doing so:


  1. On a Windows-based PC, reformat a USB 2.0 flash disk using the FAT32 file system and with the Quick Format option disabled.
  2. Download file KY0067.BIO and copy it into the root folder of the USB flash disk.
  3. Properly eject the USB flash disk from the PC (do not just yank it out).
  4. Insert the USB flash disk into one of the USB connectors of the NUC.
  5. Power the NUC on, holding in the power button until the button's LED turns yellow.
  6. Wait for the Power Button Menu to appear. When it does, press F4 to initiate the BIOS Recovery process.
  7. The NUC will reboot itself and then begin the BIOS Recovery process. When it completes, it will put a message up on the screen indicating that power need to be withdrawn.
  8. Power off and then unplug the power cable from the NUC.
  9. Remove the USB flash drive from the back panel of the board.
  10. Power on the NUC.
  11. Immediately begin pressing the F2 key, over and over (approx. once per second) until you see the BIOS Setup (or Visual BIOS) screen displayed.
  12. Verify, using the BIOS version string, that the BIOS installed properly. Stop if it isn't.
  13. Press the F9 key (followed by Y) to reset of the BIOS configuration.
  14. Press the F10 key (followed by Y) to save the BIOS Configuration and exit BIOS Setup.
  15. Once screen is cleared (goes black), begin pressing the F2 key, over and over, until you see the BIOS Setup screen displayed.
  16. Make any changes to the BIOS configuration that you desire (for example, disabling NUMLOCK) or that you require (for example, setting Boot Order, enabling UEFI, etc.).
  17. Press the F10 key (followed by Y) to save the BIOS Configuration and exit BIOS Setup.
  18. Test.


Hope this helps,



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