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Nuc 10i3 dual monitors help needed

Hi all,
I've recently bought a skeleton mini pc, kitted it out with 16gb ram and 960gb ssd running w10 64b.

I am struggling to get a dual monitor set up. Of course there is only one hdmi out so I've bought an expansion dock (anker 7in1)

Once I plug in the anker into my thunderbolt3 port i can get both monitors working but the resolution goes massive and blocky and I can't alter this in Display settings OR seperate the monitors so they are independent of each other.

I am wanting to use the pc for basic music production.

All my drivers are present and correct, for both pc and my audio interface.

Can someone please help me, or suggest a product that will definitely work.

I need an extra usb3 port and a hdmi that will allow for me to have all of my hardwares plugged in and control of two monitors independently of each other.

Please bear in mind thay I'm not experienced or knowledgeable with computers.

I would be forever in debt to you if someone could explain to me what to do and list a product that would definitely work for my needs.

Warm regards from Wales
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