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Nuc 8i7BEH won’t power on


I own 6 intel nucs and my newest one has been giving me the most issues. It is a nuc 8i7BEH. Since setup it has frozen routinely anywhere between 1-3 days after reboot. Now I haven’t used it in a week and when I attempt to power it up it is just blinking. Appears to be a slow blink which would be the 1 in 5 seconds. According to intel this is a power circuit issue. 

If I hold the power button I get a blue then amber blink then it goes back to the 5 second slow blink. 


Anyone have any input or experience with this? Thanks!

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Update the bios, and then (in the bios) set defaults (using F9).





it Has the most up To date bios. But unfortunately right now it won’t even power on.


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Hello @JWest33​ 

  1. If your NUC blinks as you described in your first post, it may be Bios failure, rather than hardware failure. I suggest that you update your Bios again, however this time, using Bios recovery method. Follow my instructions:
  2. Prepare USB stick fully formatted to FAT32 (disable quick format option during format). Format your USB on Windows machine (rather than Linux or MAC). Save the Bios file ( on this stick and insert it into front USB slot with amber color (NUC shall be OFF). You may use also one of the rear USB ports. Do not use front blue USB port.
  3. Press Power Button for about 3 seconds. Count 1001, 1002, 1003,1004. Release the Power Button. NUC should reboot into Power Button Menu. You should release the Power Button before 4-sec shut down override. You may release the Power Button, when the Power LED changes its color from blue to amber.
  4. Press F4 and the recovery shall start (it can take up to 30 seconds for messages to appear on the screen).
  5. When the recovery finishes, press on Power Button and hold it, until NUC switches OFF. Pull out the power cord. Remove the USB stick.
  6. Replace the power cord and press Power Button to switch the computer to ON.
  7. Enter Bios setting by pressing F2 during boot process.
  8. Press F9(followed by "Y"), to set Bios to default settings. Press F10 (followed by "Y"), to save the settings and exit to O.S. Let the NUC fully reboot.
  9. If before update, you have customized bios settings, you can enter again to Bios setting to change the necessary settings. 




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Sounding like a hardware failure...😣


After verifying that your warranty is still active (here: Determine if Your Product Is Still Under Warranty), you need to directly contact Intel Customer Support to initiate the RMA process (you cannot do this through the forums). Here are pages where you can lookup contact information, including local phone numbers, by geography:



You can use the online forms service or email, but I actually recommend calling them directly. The above links provide local or toll-free numbers in most countries and support most local languages. You could also use the chat service (start here: Intel Customer Support Chat), but understand that this service is offered in English only and is subject to the normal (9:00-5:00 M-F) office hours in the Pacific (UTC-8) time zone.


Hope this helps,