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Nuc DCH Driver 30.101.1191 - Unverified Digital Signature

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The latest Nuc Graphics DCH Driver 30.101.1191 does not have a valid Windows signature.


Here is the link to the problem driver.


Interestingly, the standard (Non Nuc version) of the driver does have a verified signature.  Here is the link to this driver.


I have a nuc11pahi7.  Will there be an issue if I use the Non Nuc version of the driver?


Update:  Windows 11 update replaces the newer drivers with the old drivers.

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Hello @azdust

Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.


In order to check this further, could you please confirm the following information?

You mentioned that "the latest Nuc Graphics DCH Driver 30.101.1191 does not have a valid Windows signature.

Here is the link to the problem driver. "


However, driver version 30.101.1191 is the latest Intel® Generic driver, and when we clicked on that link, it is actually taking us to the latest customized driver for the Intel® NUC >> Intel® Graphics DCH Driver for Intel® NUC Kit 11th Gen Version

Link NUC driver.png


Is this the driver version ( and the link having the issue? Could you please provide more details about what issues are being triggered due to the "Unverified Digital Signature" problem? Could you please also share some screenshots?


Note: The second link is indeed the one for the driver version This is the Intel® Generic version.

The generic Intel driver provides users the latest and greatest feature enhancements and bug fixes that customized drivers may not have implemented yet to address platform-specific needs.

The generic driver's intention is to temporally test new features, game enhancements, or check if an issue is resolved. Once testing is complete the recommendation is reinstalling the customized driver and checking the computer manufacturer (OEM) websites for newer validated releases of the customized version. Therefore, if the system is working properly and under normal operation, the recommendation is to use the customized OEM drivers as the first option.


We recommend that you install the Intel® Graphics DCH Driver for Intel® NUC Kit 11th Gen Version

However, if you are experiencing a graphics issue that this driver is unable to solve, please provide us with more details about the issue and run the Intel® System Support Utility (Intel® SSU) to gather more details about the system:

  • Download the Intel® SSU and save the application on your computer
  • Open the application, check the "Everything" checkbox, and click "Scan" to see the system and device information. The Intel® SSU defaults to the "Summary View" on the output screen following the scan. Click the menu where it says "Summary" to change to "Detailed View".
  • To save your scan, click Next and click Save.
  • Once you have saved the file (.txt file), please attach it to your reply.

To upload and attach a file, use the "Drag and drop here or browse files to attach" option below the response textbox.


Best regards,

Andrew G.

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It was actually that didn't have a valid digital signature, it was quickly pulled and replaced with which seems fine.


Hello azdust

Thank you for your response. Your findings are correct, our team has solved this issue and we are glad to know that you were able to verify and download the proper driver which is now posted on our website.

Having said that, and since there are no more questions in the thread, we will proceed to close this thread now. If you need any additional information, please submit a new question as this thread will no longer be monitored.

It has been a pleasure to assist you.

Best regards,

Andrew G.

Intel Customer Support Technician