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Nuc NUC7CJYH Blue screened, won't turn on for more than 20 seconds, no image on screen



My girlfriend was watching youtube when the computer blue screened and said it needed to restart. The computer shut off. I turned it on and couldn't get image on the screen. I reseated the ram and the sdd but it would still only stay on for about 20 seconds and shut off. The LED is solid, no blinking. This was after having it on for a few hours. Any recommendations on what to do next?


DDR4 4GB 2400MHz SO-D Pacific Sun

240GB Patriot Blast SSD


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Hello Vovhees,


Thank you for your joining this community.


I understand that you are experiencing boot issues with your Intel® NUC Kit NUC7CJYH.


Based on the brief description of your issue, we would like to discard a hardware failure on your system.


The fact that the unit is displaying a solid light could indicate the following:


Monitor input source is set wrong:


If the monitor or TV has multiple video inputs, make sure you select the correct source. This selection is usually made through an INPUT or SOURCE option on the display's remote control device.


Video cable is defective: Try a different video cable.


Video adapter/dongle or receiver is interfering:


If the Intel NUC is connected to a TV through an AV receiver, try connecting directly to the TV instead.


If you are using a video adapter/dongle (like HDMI-to-VGA), try connecting to a monitor that allows straight-through connection (HDMI-to-HDMI) with a single cable.


If using an AV receiver, check with the manufacturer for firmware updates


TV firmware is out-of-date:


If your TV contains firmware, check with the TV manufacturer for firmware updates.


As well you can try to boot the unit using minimal settings:


Remove and reinstall the memory modules to make sure they are fully seated in the sockets.


If you installed two memory modules, try removing one of them.


If you installed one memory module in an Intel NUC that has two memory slots, try moving it to the other memory slot.


A pattern of three LED blinks during boot can indicate defective memory. To isolate a specific module as defective, boot the system with just one installed at a time. You can also try testing suspected defective memory in a different computer.



Please let us know if any of these troubleshooting steps change somehow the behavior of your unit, we want to hear from you soon.




Best regards.



Diego S.


Community Manager

Hello Vovhees,


I would like to verify if you still need assistance?


Please do not hesitate on contacting us back again if necessary.


Best Regards,


Diego S.