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Nuc10 - Fan behavior changed after new BIOS V0052?

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I had to reset my BIOS settings after installing BIOS V0052 and reconfigured to my previous cooling settings (see my other recent posts) , still I experience now a totally new and unfortunately disturbing beahvior of the fan speed.

It starts in from low, nearly noise-less fan RPM and kicks-in with maximum fan speed in a second. Before I had of course also fan activity but it never kicked-in like a "saw-tooth" - see picture.

I have nothing else changed and use the machine as before...

Any idee what has changed in V0052 (EC?), fan policy and/or where to find any further informations or tweaks?


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Please provide configuration you set in BIOS Setup. Also, please always include CPU temperature graph along with fan speed graph (as one begats the other).