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Nuc7i dual monitor

I would love to buy a NUC7i5 but can't find a list of


multiple USB-C (Display port) to HDMI Cable to select from, I do understand I


can only need and use ONE. I also see


many post on /


about usb-c to HDMI cables that don't work.


Not going to buy one until I can confirm a cable to buy. Also, this ONE ISSUE has me researching other


NUC like computer that hopefully have 2 video ports like any combination of


HDMI and DisplayPort. Also, kind of HATE


the idea of tying up my One Thunderbolt 3 port for an HDMI Cable would have preferred


to give up an USB 3 port for DisplayPort.


I also find the information about this on


completely inaccurate because it implies you can connect two monitors with


PURELY HDMI Cables and yet the NUC7i5 only have one. And the link to the Multiple Display Configuration Wizard completely


has no info on any of the NUC7's

OR like a number of laptops I have seen have 2 USB-C / Thunderbolt Ports

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Community Manager

Hi BadPasswordRule



I understand you are trying to get an Intel® NUC for dual monitor configuration. Thank you for choosing Intel products. Let me help you on this matter.



For dual display configuration, you need HDMI or Display Port connections or the USB Type C port. This is what Intel is offering on the NUC7i5 models. It would be a good idea to have the USB type C just a transfer data port.



You can find a list of tested peripherals for the Intel® NUC here



Additionally, you can keep checking this post for recommendations provided by other peers.


Hope you can find something useful for your computer needs.





Allan J.