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Nuc7i7dnke HDMI. Sleep and start issues


specs are as follows memory is Crucial Ct4g4sfs824a 4 Gb (ddr4, 2400 Mt/s, Pc4-19200, Srx8, Sodimm, 260-pin)

ssd is Western Digital Wds120g2g0b Wd 120 Gb Internal Ssd M.2 Sata, Green

the NUC unit has been purchased for use on a tv via HDMI, not a monitor

My first issue was when I first tried to boot up and nothing came up on the TV screen . no BIOS, nothing. I then connected it to another tv and I managed to boot to BIOS. It since did this on the main TV, once windows 10 pro was installed.

Everything seemed fine. installed all my programs etc.

So my issues. If I turn the TV OFF and leave the NUC ON, the TV doesn't come back on. I need a full reboot by removing the power cable. I know it's an issue with the HDMI port or graphics driver as I can still remote desktop into the machine and it's still there working away.

Really not impressed. I kind of expect an intel machine with windows 10 to be plug and play. The reason why I've install windows, not linux.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Hello Dweenimus ,

Please download The Bios Settings Glossary: BIOS Settings Glossary for Intel® NUC . On page 27 you may find all explanation for the HDMI CEC settings. Connecting your NUC to other HDMI port on your TV may solve your problem too.


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