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Opinions on new Radeon driver for NUC8I7HVK / Plus it's not showing as available on Intel DSA

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Here's the main thread in which Intel promised us the driver:


On 09/09 Chris_V_Intel finally posted that the new official driver for the Radeon is finally available.


However, it seems like no one has seen this yet as there aren't any threads in the previous week regarding the effectiveness or stability of the new driver. This includes the power user usual suspects. Part of it seems to be that the Intel DSA isn't reporting this driver as available, at least to my PC, so recognition of its availability seems to be relatively low.


Essentially, I'm asking for others braver than me to try this driver out first and report back, please

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Hi @PRom0 

I've installed the Radeon Driver version No problem observed as far. However, I'm not a gamer, so, my testing is limited. I've tested it browsing in Internet, editing photos in Photo Shop and  with movie project in Pinnacle Studio.

The Intel DSA is not detecting this update, probably because the DATE is not updated on the NUC Download Pages (Download Page 1 and Download Page 2).




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It's fine, and considering the age of the previous driver it's positively encouraged to update when possible.

Personally I'd have preferred this was a WDDM 3.0 driver for Windows 11, as to release a Windows 10 driver now makes little sense, but it's better than a poke in the eye (so to speak). 

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