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Parts compatibility and replacement motherboard


Please forgive me if this is obvious or poorly worded - I'm struggling here and am not too tech literate.

Some quick background:

  • I have a NUC DC3217BY.
  • It's been running fine for about two years but in the past month it started turning off randomly. It progressed to the point where it would barely turn on and would continuously try to boot. I could get it to boot to the BIOS screen but could not get it to open windows.
  • It now does not turn on at all. When I press power it blinks (once every 5 seconds - "power-on circuit might have failed")
  • I opened it up and cleaned the fan but didn't see anything obviously wrong.
  • I've been contact with intel support but I haven't figured out the problem

My questions:

  • Any idea what is wrong or what could fix it? (I've pretty much resigned that its not fixable but worth a shot)
  • What replacement board could I get so that I can use my components and don't need to buy new ones? Money is tight at the moment and I don't need a ton of processing power. It looks like most of the boards have 2.5" SSD space and not mSATA, right?
    • 120 GB mSATA SSD
    • Asint 1GB DDR3 Memory SO-DIMM 204pin PC3-10600S 1333MHz SSY3128M8-EDJEF
    • Hynix 2GB 2Rx8 PC3-8500S-7-10-F2 Laptop RAM

Thanks a ton in advance

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Community Manager

Hi yonnif,



I understand the Intel® NUC does not boot to the operating system and you are getting blinking lights when powering on. Sorry for the inconvenience.


It does seem to be a problem with the Intel® NUC itself.



Have you tried BIOS recovery?



This recovery BIOS might be able to help if the BIOS chipset does not allow the computer to post or boot.



Please try downloading the *.bio file here


Place the file onto a USB flash drive. The USB does not need to be formatted. I recommend checking instructions for BIOS recovery at this link



If this fails, please bear in mind the board replacement for this kit is D33217CK and if you would like to search for the board, this is the part number BLKD33217CK



Hope it helps,

Allan J.

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