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Port assign information of RAID 10 on D975XBX2

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When I configure RAID 10 using 4 hard disks on D975XBX2 board I can't select drives for RAID 1 and RAID 0 volumes.

I'd like to know how these ports are assigned for RAID 1 and RAID 0 volume.

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Firstly, let me summarize things on the board.

It has 4 black SATA ports (Intel Matrix Controller), 3 Blue SATA Port (Marvell Controller), 1 eSATA (Marvell).

Since RAID 10 needs to have 4 disks, i assume that you are using the Intel Matrix Controller (Ctrl+I), as it is not possible to create a RAID 10 on the Marvell Controller because only 3 sata drives can be connected to the blue SATA ports.

Now with 4 non-raid disks:

- you should be able to create raid0 on 2,3,4 disks, raid 1 on 2 disks, raid 5 on 3, 4 disks, raid 10 on 4 disks.

- you cannot have a raid 10 and then another raid volume as well.

- i never tried partitioning raid volume.

Note: the marvell controller Ctrl+M and the Intel Matrix Controller Ctrl+I are two independent Onboard RAID Controllers.

I have attached some pictures of the Intel Raid Bios for you as a reference.

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