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Power-on problems with our NUC6i3SYK.


Our NUC6i3SYK has had problems for a long time starting at the first press of the on switch. Usually you had to press twice. In the meantime, it may be that nothing happens even after the umpteenth time, depending on your mood. The switch clicks crisply, so it seems to be fine. What could be the mistake? Thank you for your help.

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Hi @Fröschle ,

Usually such problem in NUC SY are contaminated contacts of the Power Switch.

In the following video clip, you may find explanation (an example), how to remove board from NUC housing.

Next,  spray dissent amount of Servisol Super 10 Switch Contact Cleaning Lubricant, targeting the switch plunger. Since the switch is not hermetically closed, certain quantity of the cleaning solution, penetrated to the switch contacts. Naturally some solution also wetted the board and components near the switch.

You should wait some time (about 15 minutes), till the contacts are cleaned after applying the cleaning solution. So, be patient.

You may also want to use Power Switch pins 6-8, on Front Panel Header. Momentary short between those pins shall replace the Power Button. Please refer to paragraphs and in Technical Product Specification.




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