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Pre-sales questions


Very serious in buying a Hades Canyon 8i7HVK and have been researching it. But a couple of questions though - Which relate to some issues being presented here.

firstup, and very important to me, the often reported noise through the speakers deeply concerns me. I plan to get the optical out from the nuc and plug into my NAD digital amp and drive my paradigm speakers. This is for music (FLAC) and sound quality is very important to me - but if there is a hint of noise coming through then I would be totally upset. Is this noise an ongoing and widespread issue? is it being looked at? This noise issue could be a dealbreaker for me.

Secondly, anyone here run any flight sim software on the nuc - particularly prepar3d? Curious to know how it goes with it.

Finally, I realise that windows 10 is the supported OS - but does anyone run Linux under VM using virtual box? if so, how is that?


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Hello Aussie-man,



I understand that you are looking to buy our NUC8i7HVK, and you also have some questions about it.



Allow me to answer all of the questions to the best of my knowledge and testings. First, the noise of the speakers is not present, I have tested it myself, even by running a stress test (CPU 100% usage) while playing the FLAC file, there was no problem or noise present.



Second, regarding the application you have mentioned I have not tested myself, yet having a look at the minimum requirements of that application the system does meet more than minimum requires, thus indicating that there should be no problem using that program whatsoever.



Third, only Windows* 10 has been tested by Intel with that NUC. That is the reason why that is the only Operating System listed under supported. However, according to the technologies supported by the unit I would say that there should be no problem when running virtual box with Linux, you could always keep looking in this thread and see if another community member has tried to use it.



I hope this answers your questions appropriately.






David V

I've had no issues running OpenSUSE tumbleweed and Fedora 28 under Virtualbox on a NUC817HNK. I would expect those distros at least to work on an HVK, but your mileage may vary..



Having just set up my -hNK the step below the one you want, I AM having noise that, so far, I have not been able to eliminate with the help and recommendations of other s on this forum.- not objectionable but noticable as a hum very similar to what you'd hear on an old CRT monitor with the sound turned down.

While I haven't tried VMware, I have used Acronis "try&decide" which is like virtualization software that lets you make changes while it is running and discard them if you don't want the changes permanent. Runs without a row and barely noticable slower when running, and more importantly, does for seem to stress the CPU very much based on the "programmable LED" activity that can report the CPU State.

Just my 2 c worth. Good luck!