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Problem with my NUC10i5FNH


Hello there !

I buying a NUC10i5FNH and i have a problem for start.

Model : NUC10i5FNH

SSD : Samsung 860 EVO 2.5" (500Go) MZ-76E500B/EU

SSD : Crucial 250Go CT250MX500SSD4 intern SSD MX500 560Mo/s (3D NAND, SATA, M.2 (2280))

Memory : HyperX Impact DDR4 HX4226S15IB2K2/16 2666MHz CL15 SODIMM 16Go (2x8Go)

I cannot start the computer despite everything plugging in properly...

I testing a cable, screen, led but no way..

Do you have an idea ? 

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Hi @Kvrt 

1. Remove the the both SSD and the both SO DIMMs.

2. Power ON your empty NUC, you should see the Power LED is blinking (indicating memory failure). If the LED is not blinking, there could be hardware failure in Power Supply or Motherboard component. Id the LED is blinking continue with para. 3.

3. Install only one SO DIMM at time and power ON NUC. You should see the Intel NUC logo and even you should be able to enter BIOS (F2). If both SO DIMMs working, continue to para. 4.

4. Install the Crucial SSD and power ON NUC. If you see the Intel NUC logo, continue to para. 5.

5. Install the Samsung SSD and power ON your NUC. If you see the Intel NUC logo, start with Windows installation.



Hi @LéonWaksman !
I remove the two ssd and the sodimm and the led does not flash...
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Hi @Kvrt 

1. The attached image is not clear to me. I'm assuming that the green LED on this image is a standby LED on the board, indicating that the Power Adapter is connected and working?

2. If this is the case and the Power LED on Power Button is not blinking (after depressing the Power Button), you NUC has hardware failure. You should return it to your reseller, since it is covered with three years of warranty. 

3. In case that you can't return it, you may open an RMA request.