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Problem with nuc and 4k 43inch Philips monitors

Hello i am having an issue with multiple series 5i5 and 6i5, with 4k monitors. I dont know if this is a windows problem or some graphical drivers or some software.

My issue is:

I have NUC 6i5 or 5i5 connected to the DP-DPmini kable which support 4k to philips 43inch model: bdm4350uc, the problem is that when the NUC is going to sleep, the windows that are open on 4 quarters of the monitor (4windows on fullhd). When the nuc goes to sleep, the windows are all going to the middle when nuc is coming back from sleep. Is there some windows setting or is there the problem in bios or driver.. Because if i switch the 4k to a computer with better graphic, the windows come back in their position when the computer goes to sleep. Please do anyone hav had this issue, its bothering me quite allot.

Or is there something that would put windows in order or to remember them?


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Nope. This is a known issue in Windows. I have a desktop system with NVIDIA graphics that does the same thing, so it is not an Intel issue. My solution to this issue has been to disable Monitor Sleep in Windows.

Hope this helps,