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Problem with sleep mode and hibernation mode with NUC8i3BEH


Cattura.PNGHi i have a new NUC8i3BEH with clean Win10 1909 x64 install and all the latest drivers​. i use this pc exclusively in rdp so it is fundamental for me that it wakes up when i try to access it on the netThe problem is that from the state of suspension but also of hibernation it wakes up on its own. In cmd via the powercfg –lastwake command I saw that the problem is related to the network card, these are my setting: only wake  pattern macth seems to cause the problem, the fact is, however, that if I disable this check I cannot connect to rdp because the pc does not wake up from the suspension. I tried to enable and disable all the other settings but the problem is not solved. 

P.S. i also disabled the pc quick start option

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