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Problems with hdr, audio in my new Nuc8i3


I've recently bought the Nuc8i3 ram16G, SSD 256G to use as an HTPC.

I installed Win10 pro, Kodi, Mpc-BE, MadVr and Lav filters sent to a LG oled Tv b7. All my movies and Tv series are taken from a Nas attached via ethernet Gigabit (most of them are MKV). With 2K no problems, everything is right. The issues arise with 4K HDR.

1) HDR does not pass directly to my Tv unless I switch it on in Win 10.

2) Once HDR is switched on, when I use Kodi internal player no problems, but if I use the external player MPC-BE, Lav filters and MadVR there is no audio.

Could someone help me?


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