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I need a new mini PC and was waiting for the NUC 12 but cant seem to find product line for new home/business NUC12. I found 2 high end gaming NUC 12's, which are more computer than I need for home use.


Does anyone know if Intel will be releasing NUC 12 home/office kits this year? Or should I just buy NUC 11 kit such as the NUC11TNKi7or NUC11PAHi7?

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So, first of all, Intel will not respond to this query as they are not allowed to speculate regarding the schedule for, or features of, future products.

According to this article:, the NUC12 Pro models will be released on time - and home/office kits are included - but the NUC12 Performance will not. Considering that SKUs of the NUC11 Pro were essentially released into both the Pro and Performance categories, I would expect that the NUC12 Pro will be handled the same.

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