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Question on accessing GPIO pin on NUC


I'm currently doing a project where it needs a high precision time from the GPS. My approach on this was to run this on an odroid-xu4, and connect a GPS module to it through GPIO pin. And, it worked. However, situation changed and for other reasons I needed something else with a higher performance power.

I was thinking about using  NUC10i7FNK, but I had to make sure my solution can be applied. I found out that some older NUC has GPIO pins like xu4. But these are too old for my project. Link is below.


I looked through the specification manual on NUC10i7FNK. But I wasn't able to find any information on GPIO pins.


I just wanted to get a confirmation or any information on this matter. Does NUC10i7FNK(or any other newer models > 5th gen) have GPIO pins like raspberry Pi or XU4?? If it does, please send manual or detailed information on it. If not, what are some alternative models that are better than 5th generation NUC?

Thanks in advance.


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I am afraid not. Since utilization of the capability was used by so few, it was essentially abandoned in subsequent generations. There is plenty of support for USB (including two internal USB headers in almost every design) and you could handle this with a custom USB board.

Hope this helps,