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Questions regarding hardware compatibility


I am planning to buy a NUC7I7BNH in the future and for that, I have some questions.

I have carefully studied the Intel Product Compatibility Tool, but what is in that case if the parts I would like to use are not on the list?

To be honest from the list of recommended memories none of the 16GB (I need these since I would like to use 32GBs of RAM in total - according to the technical sheets it is possible) pieces are available at my local computer components supplier.

Samsung 960 EVO Business M.2 SSD (MZ-V6E250BW) - I did not see this NVMe M.2 SSD in the list

Crucial CT16G4SFD824A (since Crucial CT16G4SFD824A.16FB1 seems to be supported by CMTL. Unfortunately I could not get a more detailed part number from my shop - as of today)

ASUS Xonar U3 USB sound card

As a keyboard, I would like to use my Corsair Strafe mechanical and my Kensington Expert Mouse Wired as a pointing device.

Will I have to face compatibility issues or it will just work fine?

I would like to use three displays (DELL UltraSharp U2211H - with DP1.1a (p. 7), DELL Professional P2217H - with DP1.2 (p. 12) and DELL Professional P2214H - with DP1.2 (p. 12) with my NUC.


Since not all of my displays support daisy chaining are there any other way to use them?

In case you have a similar configuration, please let me know!

Thank you!


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The fact that something is not in the compatibility list does not mean that it will not work; it just means that Intel has not received any to try out.

Random comments:

  • The memory you (roughly) specify should be compatible. I recommend try-before-buying if you can...
  • Don't purchase memory that runs faster than 2400MHz. Better yet, stick with 2133MHz.
  • I don't see any issues with Keyboard or mouse.
  • I can't say that you'll have much luck with your DP1.1a monitor; DP 1.2 is the requirement.
  • You can either daisy-chain two DP monitors together or use an MST Hub with two DP outputs. Be aware that you will be sharing the bandwidth of a single DP 1.2 channel, so two monitors connected this way can only achieve 4K@30Hz (i.e. will not achieve 4K@60Hz).
  • The HDMI port is supported by a DP-to-HDMI IC within the NUC. I am not sure that using a HDMI-to-DP adapter to convert back to DP will work (or not have side-effects). You'll just have to try it and see. Remember that, when it comes to adapters, you get what you pay for.

Hope this helps,