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Re: 3D functionality for NUC8I7BE

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Hello Gunnar68



Thank you for waiting. I have used the youtube video that you have shared with us to test in the Intel® NUC Kit NUC8i7BEH connected by HDMI cable to a display LG* 55UH5800-UA (reference link: once the 3D is enabled on Windows and the correct 3D TV setting, I was able to enjoy the 3D video.



See the attached file for the Intel® System Support Utility for Windows*of the system used on the test.



Hope this helps.





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Where is the attachment?




Have you tried with a 3D Disk Drive and a 3D disc?

Have you tried to run Cyberlink Blu-ray advisor on this setup.

I think it's necessary to get e complete picture on 3D compliance?

Streaming 3D is one part only.

Anyway with reference two earlier mail with nformation about my setup.

The setup with Asus UN68U was given a error message first. But the advisor also showed that it complied fully to requirement, also to recommend, With some some help from Cyberlink Support it was sorted up.

After upgrade to a newer version of SW it worked.

But with NEC8HKV it was still problems. It didn't fully comply to recommendation. It was about the GPU ability to handle dual HD streams. Se report as attachment. According to PowerDVD support, this must be supported.

I am stuck with this.

So I think you must arrange a setup with a 3D compatible disk, run BD-advisor (shall comply 100%) and run with PowerDVD if there is problem with other SW.

I know your policy about 3rd part programs, but Cyberlink is ik, I have never had any such problems with them, as user for many years. They have a good support too!!

Now this thread should be copied to NUC8I7HVK so we can contiuned discussion about this unit.....