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Realtek High Definition Audio


I think your Assistant aught to let me choose between Realtek and normal Microsoft audio, which does not annoy or require tedious divings to lower levels.

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First of all, just because you are not using it doesn't mean that other people aren't. To many people, RealTek Audio is a crucial part of their overall solution.

Secondly, RealTek Audio will only cause problems, such as what you described, if you do something to cause it -- like setting a default audio device, which effectively blocks Intel Display Audio from activating support for a newly-enumerated display device that (also) supports audio output.

Bottom line, no, this won't be happening.


P.S. While I am at it, watch your language. I suggest that you re-read the /docs/DOC-111979 Intel Communities House Rules. This will be your only warning. Repeat this behaviour and your account will be suspended.