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Remote Screen Blanking on NUC5iMY


I am trying to utilize the remote KVM feature on NUC5iMY. This actually works fine, as long as I have a monitor plugged in.


From what I gather, i need to have Remote Screen Blanking enabled, but when I try to enable it, I recieve an error "Screen Blanking could not be set, blanking may not be supported on this system (500).


Intel ME 10.0.56. BIOS Fully updated.

Admin Control Mode enabled.


Is there anyway to get this to work so that I can do an unattended KVM without adding a dongle to the NUC?

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Something to try: In BIOS Setup (Visual BIOS), go to Advanced / Devices / Video and then set IGD Primary Video Port to something other than Auto. I believe that, when set to Auto, not detecting a monitor will result in the port being disabled (and both being disabled if no monitors are present). You want one of them to remain enabled regardless, so choose something other than Auto.


Hope this helps,