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Remote port, card reader HUB solution


I have a NUC10i7FNH as a boat computer and want to put it behind a panel and hide wires etc. Looking for a solution to have peripheral connections on the panel plus card readers. A usb hub would work, but desire the MIC to annoy the world with youtube vids. 

Minimum: SD, MicroSD. USB3(2), USBC, MIC.

A bay mounted media hub (or panel mount) would work best, but they are set up for desktop cases that have spare connectors. 

I am not using the thunderbolt port, so that is available to run a hub from. Plug something into the header?

The MIC jack could be standalone, just longer wire.

Power: could run 12v from batteries to not tax NUC power supply. Powered USB would be desirable as alternate charging ports.


I also have a 19v dc-dc power supply that has remote power switch leads. The 2mm connectors are too tall to fit in case. Are there shorter or 90 degree versions?


I am a computer user and rarely get under the hood and not sure what options are open.


Thanks for any input.


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You might want to look here for lids that have the I/O you want:


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Didn't know about lids, thanks.  However as a kiosk scenario, I wont have access to ports or lid. 

Closest example is this, but NUC doesn't have 19 pin connector, I think.


I did buy a panel mount MIC jack with wire connections to extend that piece. If the 19 pin USB cable can be swapped for a USB cable to the thunderbolt port, this is winner. This technical question if over my head. 

Even though there are no spare power connections, that can be dealt with. 

I am also running Linux Mint on NUC and this says its compatible.

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