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RollOut for NUC11?

Is anybody knowing about the rollout for intel's NUC11 (TNHi5) in europe?

I have purchase a NUC-system but the seller is not knowing when the parts will be aviable..

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We cannot help you here with this query. We (the Super Users and ICS Agents) have no insights into what is happening in the supply chain.

For information about product availability, you need to contact Intel Authorized Distributors and Approved Suppliers. As soon as the information is available, they will be able to further assist you with your request.


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I can tell you that the shipping info I am getting on my ordered NUC11PHKi7C keeps getting pushed back further and further and further.

First is was shipping mid March, then mid April, then late April and then just yesterday I was informed that it is now delayed until at least late May.

This is shipping from 'simply NUC' BTW, if that matters.

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Likely it doesn't matter. We are in the midst of an industry-wide silicon shortage and this is affecting everything.


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I can deal with shortages, its the fiction describing shipping dates that pisses me off.

If the answer is "We are totally screwed, its going to be at least 5 months.", just tell me the truth, I can deal with it.

Stringing people along is terrible practice.

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Ok, first of all, Intel does not - and never, ever has - provided shipping dates for specific systems. Intel ships systems into the distribution channels in batches. Only a downstream vendor, like SimplyNUC, will have dates assigned to specific customer's systems - and that is between you and them. Of course, they cannot do anything if Intel cannot provide systems to them, but they certainly shouldn't be stringing you along.

Intel is making a best-effort to ship systems as quickly as possible. The problem is that there are parts for these systems that are in constrained supply and systems can be held up waiting for these parts to be made available. I am talking not only about Intel components but also third-party components. If Intel cannot get these third-party components, they cannot complete their builds. If they cannot complete their builds, they cannot ship anything; it's that simple. In a perfect world, Intel will know exactly when these components are going to be made available and be able to assign build resources accordingly, but when there are industry-wide shortages, delivery dates go out the window all the way up and down the food chain.

Bottom line, to single out and blame Intel is completely unfair. Intel has not strung anyone along.

Just my opinion,