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Safe mode.


How do you get into Windows safe mode!

I'm over with this. Been nothing but issues.


I still can't get it to turn on Numlock on start. Tried Windows settings, reg edit and there is no option in BIOS. (yes its updated)


It won't do 4k 60hz. No matter what cable I try out of either HDMI or USB-C. Monitor does it fine on my other PC with nVidia card.


Now I can't get into Safe Mode windows. I try from in Windows. It just boots up per normal. Enables F8 in BIOS. Does nothing!!


I yank the Power and Windows boots into recovery. I select Boot Options it restart and the keyboard doesn't fking work!! Tried 3 different keyboards!!


Fast Boot on or difference!! I have some serious network issues to resolve and i've spent half my day fking around with this hunk of dog turd!!


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