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Samsung HW-K960 + 7i3bnh


How to get my NUC working with my new HW-K960 soundbar?

when connected to soundbar hdmi 1 the screen is switching between no signal and Windows. Have to reset NUC something?

also is it working with one hdmi cable from nuc to soundbar to get atmos working?

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How do you have this connected? NUC to Sound Bar, Sound Bar to TV (i.e. Sound Bar pass-through to TV)?

Anything else involved (i.e. Receiver, etc.)? Please provide part numbers.

What kind of TV are you using? Please provide part number.

Have you verified that the HDMI cables that you are using are up to spec?

Have you updated the HDMI firmware in the NUC?

Are you running on the latest BIOS and the latest drivers (especially graphics)?


P.S. As a separate side discussion for you and I, I have a question: Why use a Sound Bar? For the same price as this Sound Bar, you could have purchased a really, really nice HT Receiver with full 7.1 speakers. Many of the new HT Receivers have wired/wireless internet access and a smart Android subsystem that provides support for YouTube, Netflix, etc. and etc. So why go with the Sound Bar? What does it offer that I am missing?


Connection NUC - Soundbar:

Hdmi from nuc to soundbar.

simple as that.

Then from soundbar to tv via arc.

Have all the newest update for NUC. My tv is LG B6 OLED.

Think it is a Hz problem? Read that clear cache from motherboard solves the problem?

When I solve the picture problem, can I get atmos via one hdmi cable? Or do I have to run sound via USB c?


My decison to run this system bases on the tv furniture, room and also wifey