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Searching for similar Product (Intel NUC D54250WYKH)

I have an Intel NUC D54250WYKH. I need five more of this product. I am searching for the similar type of Intel NUC (mini PC) almost same configuration that is available now. Could you please help me on that issue?

Thanks in advance

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Hhmmm, that's not a lot to go on.

The D54250WYKH was a 2nd generation NUC design that utilized a 4th generation Intel Core i5 Processor. Almost all of the 2nd generation NUC products are in EOL (discontinued) status and are unavailable (though some inventory may still exist in the distribution channels).

Intel is currently shipping their 6th generation NUC designs that (mostly) utilize 8th generation Intel Core i3/i5/i7 Processors. The 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th generation NUC designs are all still shipping (though some 3rd generation designs are approaching EOL status). Note that, starting in the 3rd generation, Intel went to a naming scheme for the NUCs that aligned with the Core processor generations. That is, the names for the 3rd generation NUC products all begin with NUC5, since these NUCs (mostly) utilized 5th generation Intel Core processors. Designs that utilized Atom, Celeron or Pentium processors that are released in the same generation of NUC products are similarly named based upon the corresponding Intel Core processor generation. For example, the NUC design based upon the N3050 (Braswell family) Celeron processor, which was released at the same time as the 5th generation Intel Core processors, was named NUC5CPYH.

Here are links to the various NUC product pages: Intel® NUC Boards (boards sold barebones, without chassis) Intel® NUC Kits (product includes board, chassis, power supply and, in most cases, WiFi solution; you add memory, storage and O/S) Intel® NUC Mini PCs (product also includes memory, storage and O/S preinstalled)

If there is some list of criteria that you have for the replacement units, let us know and we can attempt to help you match up with the succeeding NUC designs. Alternatively, you can look for additional D54250WYKH units in the distribution channels (though their price will likely be higher due to availability).

Hope this helps,


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Hello ff1016,



Did you read the information provided by N. Scott Pearson?



Please let us know how it went.



Wanner G.

Yes, I did.

Finally decided to buy this mini PC kit "NUC7i5BNH".