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Serious problems with the sound driver -


The plan was to plug my new computer with intel i51137g processor to my tv, using the HDMI port


My tv is plugged into a 7.1 home theater using the ARC port. Works fine with every appliance this way. Anything i plug in the tv gets 7.1 audio thanks to the arc port


Yet my intel i5 1137g wont work with it.

The 'HD audio driver for Display audio" only shows stereo option


Fine, ill plug the computer straight to the home theater


HD audio driver for display audio only gives me stereo, "quadriphonic" and 5.1 options

Fine, my home theater system is 7.1, but ill go with 5.1


....but the 5.1 option wont work either.

Stereo option works. If i change to "quadriphonic" or 5.1 the audio is simply muted


What can i do to get the intel i5 1135g to output 7.1 audio through the HDMI port?

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