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Setting french time on NUC7I3BNK



I need to wake up my NUC7I3BNK every day at 6h00 am. French time.

So i modified the bios to set time and save.

As we are in France, Summer time, the time at restart is 2 hour less, for example if i set 11h10 am, at restart i have 9h10 am.

So for the wake up, i set 4h00 am and everything is fine, my NUC start automaticaly every day at 6h00 am french time.

But, in france the time will change on October 28 this year. It'll be winter time and we'll be one hour less instead of two.

So here is my question : Will the change be automatic on the NUC7I3BNK BIOS ? Or do i have to configure again time and wake up time ?

And if i have to configure again, is there a way to do so without entering the BIOS ? So i can make the change even if i'm not near the NUC ?

Thanks for reading me, hope you'll be able to answer.

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Hello Julien_123,

Thank you for joining the Intel® NUC Community.

You will need to configure the time and wake up time since it's just a clock power by a CR2032 battery; it does not recognize seasons and their respective hour changes. The only way to configure it is entering the BIOS.

If you have more questions, please let us know.


Amy C.