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Several serious issues with DZ77BH-55K

Hi *,

I bought this board last year in December (12/12). Since then I try to get this board running correctly. I hoped that somedays a new bios Version would solve the issues. but thats not. I use a XEON E3-1230-V2, a Gigabyte GTX 660Ti, Kingston HyperX KHX1600C9D3K4/16GX (which are INTEL XMP CERTIFIED), a Samsung SSD 830 Series. I use Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Fedora 18.


1. The RAM is not running in its 1600 Speed. Event if i set the XMP Profile via Visual Bios. It still remains at 1333 speed

2. The CPU wont throttle down. No matter what OS i use the CPU is always running on full Speed. 3.29 GHz. No Settings of the Bios will Change this.

3. If i plug in my dasKeyboard Keyboard on the PS/2 Slot the machine holds on POST displaying no Keyboard present. The machine will only start up if the Keyboard is pluged in to the always power usb ports. If i plugin any other usb device in the always on ports the machine won't run!

4. If i try to shutdown the pc the machine hangs always trying to read from my DVD burner, even theres no disc.

5 The last bios update to Version 100 removed any boot drive from being recognized by the bios so the machine will only boot to the first hd and the os installed there. Only if i go to visual bios and load the Default Settings and restart the drives will be shown ONE TIME.

I built pc for now over 20 years. I never bought a Intel board. I thought if i buy a Intel board and pay more than other boards cost i will get Quality. It makes sense to me that Intel will leave the Mainboard production.

Has anyone the sames Problems as i described? Has anyone Solutions for the Problems that i described?

Thx in advance and greetings from lower Bavaria

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