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Skull Canyon fan replacement? Intel can't get one themselves..


Hello, I have the NUC Skull Canyon, with a failed fan. The replacement part is: 1323-00U9000


Intel UK support have said they will ship a new one but that my "area store is out of stock" and can't tell me when it'll be back in stock. So my NUC is sat there unable to be used. It's nearly a month now. Does anyone know of a source for these fans in the UK? I've tried ordering ones that are similar-looking but nothing that fits yet.


I logged into Intel's support portal this morning only to find that they have no record of my support request despite emails having been exchanged with support case numbers so it seems they've had a bit of a "problem" with their support system. I've chased via email as the support portal seems to be broken.



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Search Internet, using Manufacturer P/N (rather than 1323-00U9000). Something like this one may feet:




I tried ordering using the part number from the fan (KSB0605HB) but suspect that wasn't enough, as the shape of the enclosure wasn't close enough. Using the part number you've supplied seems to bring up fans much closer to the original so I'm hoping that'll work, so thanks for the pointer. I've ordered one and will see what turns up. In the meantime I've pulled apart the original and re-lubricated it and it seems to work properly again but I have no idea how long that will last!

Hello IRawl, Thank you for posting on the Intel ® communities. I can see that, in your other support request you are actually getting contacted and have been educated when the fan will be back in stock, please keep working with the support agent in that request in order to get the best assistance. I am closing this one for now. Regards, David V Intel Customer Support Technician Under Contract to Intel Corporation