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SkullCanyon GPU Instability

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So I've been running my Skullcanyon as a linux server for almost a year, so far so good. However I moved to another server, and decided to use the skulcanyon as a living room PC. As a server previously, it was used for encoding movies and transcoder, which put the cpu at 100% all the time, however as a living room PC, I installed Steam and started playing some games and the NUC kept crashing (freezing or power off)


It went for days to figure out the problem, including for the fact that I'm using Patriot 2666mhz ram which is incompatible, so I went ahead and bought a Crucial 2133mhz ram. The NUC kept crashing, I reinstalled the OS and updated the bios, and it still crashes randomly on GPU load especially benchmarks. As a last resort, I thought that heat could be an issue and went undervolting the CPU and GPU, CPU was at -80mv, it ran cooler and stable on stress test but the GPU crashed immediately, and then I thought doing the opposite for the gpu would work, I started with small increments of increasing the GPU slice and unslice voltage from stock, it kept crashing till i reached +0.09v offset, no crash but artifact so I increased it to +0.1v and it has yet to crash.

So the TL;DR, GPU has been perfectly stable on tiny over volt, do I have a lemon? Is it safe to keep it at this current setting? At the time of the post I'm still running Heaven benchmark in loop for almost a day (~22hours) and it hasn't crashed yet.

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Guess warranty doesn't cover "late tests", lesson learned, always stress test your machine on the first day with the right tools to be able to return rather than talking directly to the possibly incompetent manufacturer. I'll just keep it as a headless server unfortunately, not what i really paid for but eh . Also not sure what 3 years warranty means. Good day.

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Bump, I'll rephrase:

My NUC keeps crashing on GPU load, I reset bios and OS, what should I do next?

Thank you

Edit: I'll contact support instead thank you all.

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TBH I don't recall ever seeing anyone posting positive experiences using these for anything with a heavy GPU load. That said, mine finally started to behave. I play Just Survive on it from time to time and it seems to do okay. I also use the unit as an NVR for a handful of IP cameras during all that.


Intel not responding to this is very unfortunate.

Have you tried overvolt? I did by 10 it's finally stable but the heat/throttling increased a bit, minor performance hit, I hope it stays like that.

Wish there was such PSA before investing in one.