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Start Menu Behavior - Can a cable make a difference?


Update - Possible solution discovered


Today I switched from using an HDMI cable to a usb c to Displayport cable. Amazingly, the two part Start Menu issue disappeared after the cable switch.


The problem:


A while back I asked why my Windows 10 Start Menu was opening in two parts. I only have this problem on two Intel Nuc's. Nuc8i7beh, Nuc7i7bnh.


You can view and read about this issue here:




  • Intel Nuc8i7beh
  • 32gb ram
  • 1tb PCIe NVMe ssd
  • Dell P2415Q 4k monitor
  • Dell KM717 Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard


HDMI cables tried:


Zeskit 3ft 8K HDMI Ultra HD High Speed 48Gbps Cable


AmazonBasics 4k HDMI cable

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Hello AZguy, 


 Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.   


After reviewing the information attached we would recommend several things:


  • Please make sure that the Operating system is up to date.
  • Also, make sure that the graphics driver of the NUC is the version
  • Please make sure that the HDMI firmware is in its latest version.



However, I can see that you performed a great troubleshooting step that may have resolved the issue.


Can you please confirm the behavior of the unit after switching to a USB-C to Displayport cable?


Esteban D.  

Intel Technical Support Technician   


Esteban D.


Here is the status of my Nuc 8i7beh


Windows 10 version 1909, OS Built 18363.836


Graphics Driver:


HDMI Firmware: 1.77 (cut 2.2)


Resolution: 3840 x 2160

Bits Per Pixel: 32

Refresh Rate: 59 Hz

Adapter Ram: 1.00 GB


Description of the Start Menu problem:


When you click on the Windows 10 Start Menu - the upper part of the Start Menu appears first and then the lower half of the Start Menu appears.


To trigger the Start Menu problem:


  • Use HDMI in 4k 60hz.
  • Step aside from the computer and let the screen go to sleep.
  • Wake up the computer and then click on the Start Menu. How soon you click on the Start Menu after waking up the computer appears to make no difference.


Interestingly, the Start Menu issue does not appear if I am using the usb c port to connect to the displayport on the monitor.


  • Same monitor
  • Same 4k resolution at 60hz.
  • Different results.


Any ideas why this occurs?


Thank you



Thank you for your response and the information provided.  

We will do further research and update this thread as soon as possible. 


Esteban D. 

Intel Technical Support Technician  





Any ideas why the usb c port works without issues while the hdmi does not?


Thank you

Community Manager

Hello AZguy, 


I have been looking at this issue but I can't really think of a reason why the Windows Start Menu is behaving like that, I have tested a few systems including a NUC8i7BEH and I don't see this behavior on any of the graphic ports.

I didn't find anything internally and when I search on the Internet, there are several articles about issues with the Start Menu and ways to fix them (all of them by tweaking Windows options) but nothing like the one you described and no reference to use USB-C as a workaround.

If I would really want to put a lot of effort into debugging this issue (unfortunately I can't help with this because I can't replicate) I would run a fresh Windows installation and I would start with loading all the drivers and testing older Graphics drivers in order to isolate the issue, I would try this prior to any other software/application installation. This is of course not a solution and I don't even know if this will help root-cause the issue but I am inclined to think is a Windows* related issue.



Ronny G