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Stuttering mouse / video after installing latest Radeon and Intel graphics drivers


Last year after installing updated Radeon and Intel graphics drivers on my 8i7HVK my mouse pointer started freezing every few seconds, as did video and typing. Eventually an answer in another question I asked fixed it.


I'm now having the same issue after updating Radeon and Intel drivers 9 months later, from your drivers page:


This happened immediately after updating these video and other drivers. So it's a driver issue, not a hardware issue, the machine was working fine before doing that. I updated all drivers released since 1 Feb 2019.


I don't want to install the drivers from last year because they are nearly a year old now, but it's unclear where to get new 'unofficial' ones not tested on this model Nuc.


I tried uninstalling both the Radeon and Intel drivers from device manager (as suggested last year), then running the installers from your website again. No difference.



  1. Why did this ever happen.
  2. Why is this still happening?
  3. How can I fix this now?
  4. How can I fix this if it happens again without contacting you / where can I find these 'unofficial' drivers myself as a direct link to a zip makes them impossible to find myself.


This is my main work machine, and it's now infuriating to use, so this is EXTREMELY urgent.


I've attached a scan performed in your System Support Utility (I've come to expect a very high level of unreliability from Intel products / Nucs now, so know to do this).

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Happened to read your post. In case you are searching for alternative drivers, I'm currently using Adrenalin driver 9.2.3 from AMD's website (in the support/downloads section search for Vega and choose one of the results such as Vega 56). I've now used these drivers for a few weeks and have seen no stability issues or higher temps. I also benchmarked this driver against the latest Intel AMD driver and the one from last year. I found that the latest Intel AMD driver performed the worst (yes, it got a lower score in something like Geekbench 4 Open-CL than the Intel AMD driver from last year) and the AMD Adrenalin driver (9.2.3) performed the best. Moreover, with the AMD Adrenalin driver, you get features you don't get with the Intel AMD drivers (when you go to Radeon settings).


From what I understand, AMD Adenalin driver 9.2.3 is the first non-Intel provided driver that supports RX Vega M GH (which is what the HVK model uses). If you see the release notes of this driver, you will find that it lists the HVK GPU as supported. I do feel compelled, though, to say that if you try out the driver, you'll do it at your own risk. However, I'm not seeing anything that could harm the system. I for one won't be using any of the Intel-provided Adrenalin drivers anymore as they perform worse and yours is not the first instablity/bug report of the latest Intel Adrenalin driver that I've seen (there are others that have gone back to the driver from last year because of the instablity).


Thanks a lot! That fixed it. Intel should just let AMD provide this driver, they'd save themselves and users a LOT of pain.