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There is a problem with the NUC8i7beh cooler.


IMG_6478_re.jpgI have two nuc8i7beh.

These two have different types of coolers.


Test results show performance differences.

I have tested it more than 10 times.

CINEBENCH_R15 has about 10 ~ 15% performance difference.



  • left cooler

왼쪽 쿨러.JPG





  • right cooler

오른쪽 쿨러.JPG




There is also a difference in the geek bench scores.


At first I thought it was a yield problem.

Cooler Crossing Result I firmly confirmed that the cooler is the problem.


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No, the "coolers" (vapor chambers and heat pipes) are identical. What is different (or at least potentially different) are:


  1. The manufacturer of the blower used with this cooler and differences in their translation of Duty Cycle into blower speed.
  2. The BIOS configuration for blower speed control (response to temperatures).
  3. The BIOS and Windows configurations for processor performance.
  4. The effectiveness of the TIM applied between the processor's heat spreader and the heat pipes.