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Thunderbolt BIOS Configutation

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I have a NUC717BN and I am having trouble trying to communicate via TBT3 ( USB-C output ) to a TBT Universal Audio UAD 2 Satellite.

I have seen a lot of different parameters in the NUC bios ( for display management etc ) that perhaps are causing the problem.

Can somebody give me some advise ?? Thanks.

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Hello claudio.saporiti.musica,



I can see that you are having connection problems with the UAD 2 Satellite.



Regarding this, I was able to determine that you already have a thread open with this same issue, please make sure to only have one thread open and not more of the same issue. I will proceed to close this request with this thread, please stay with the one in thread:






Also, I can see that the issue has been addressed already, if you need any more help, do not hesitate to reply in that thread for further assistance.






David V