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Two if not three power schemes and advanced settings still missing after several attampts to restore


I'm running "all versions" windows 10 pro across 9 total, Intel NUCi511PAH devices .  The csenabled is enabled in regedit, and only "balanced" power scheme is showing, All advanced power options are missing as well. System timers, are all missing. SSD's prematurely sleep and Network adapter periodically disconnects.
I have tried several operating system images from Microsoft only. I have attempted in place upgrades, and system resest. All latest drivers installed on all versions.
Odd this conglomeration of issues seems to take place across all platforms.  None of the boiler plate fixes seem to work. Have researched and executed over 200 hours into this problem and wonder why 10's of thousands still having to deal with this very important issue. Is there an "actual" resolution and not a suggestion to point to another website. I have been to most if not all sites and they do not work....... Can you provide a true resolution ?

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Hello @RLHord

Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.

In regards to this behavior, the information that we handle is that Windows* 10 power plan now has only the Balanced option and the High-performance power plan in Windows* 10 is no longer available since it was removed in the 2004 version (build 19041.1387) of Windows 10. This information is noted in this public article: Unable To Find the High Performance Power Plan Option in Windows® 10 on Intel® NUC

In this case, we recommend contacting Microsoft Support* for more information about this and other inquiries related to power plans and timers.

Best regards,

Andrew G.

Intel Customer Support Technician

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Based on the article 000059401 dated 12/01/2021, is this a decision from Microsoft or joint effort ? This removal has affected special features to successfully operate third party softwares. Surely, you (Intel) has a plan to aid purchasers toward a better power management and timer settings for the most important items not allowing network adapter and solid state drives to sleep. Very important.

This joint decision has damaged our (purchaser) livelihood to provide, program, and support, many industries here in the USA.


Happy Holidays,

R L Hord

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Hi R L Hords,

I'm assuming that you have NUC11PAHi5, rather than NUCi511PAH ? In this case you should be aware that in this NUC the sleep mode is set to Modern Standby (rather than Legacy S3 Standby). To my regret, the possibility to change the sleep mode to Legacy S3 Standby, was removed from BIOS. So, you are stuck with the Modern Standby. In Modern Standby mode, only Balanced Power Plan is available.  More about Modern Standby mode you may read in Microsoft Documentation

Searching on net you may find tips how to restore the other Power Plans like this one: How to Bring back Missing Power Plans in Windows 10

I have to emphasize that I didn't test any of the methods, so I can't be responsible for the outcome.  Any way, I suggest to prepare full backup, before trying any of those.





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