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Unable to install windows 10 on NUC11PHKi7C

I am having issues getting Windows 10 installed on my new NUC, when going through the windows installer the installed SSD (I have tried 2 different SSDs) will not show as an available drive, I have been through DISKPART whilst in the installer and the SSD does not show in there either.
Checking in the BIOS the SSD appears there (under Advanced>storage) so the SSD is visible to the NUC,

I have tried the SSDs in another computer and they all work fine here it's only the NUC that seems to be having the issues

The only hint I have of what could be causing the issue is one of the SSDs has a power Indicator LED on it, in the NUC this flashes on at the POST screen and then turns off the moment you enter the windows installer.
The only thoughts I am left with is either its a hardware issue on the NUC (doesn't seem likely as the SSD shows in the BIOS) or it is a BIOS configuration issue that I cannot see.

If anyone has ever had this issue any help is greatly appreciated
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In order to use an NVMe SSD with Windows (you aren't trying to use a M.2 SATA SSD, right?), it is required that you boot using UEFI. I think, however, that this is the default - and, in fact, Legacy boot is not supported. Still, to be sure, reset the BIOS Configuration to defaults (using F9 in BIOS Setup).

If you are ever getting to the screen where you choose the device to install to, make sure that you delete all partitions on the destination drive, to ensure that a fresh GPT partition table is written. I also recommend telling it to install to the free space, so that Windows can optimally choose the partition layout. 

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I suspect that there is a problem with your "windows installer", which probably is not booting from UEFI boot.

1. I suggest you to reinstall Windows using the following method:
2. Please prepare your installation media (you need 8GB – 32GB USB stick), using Microsoft Media Creation Tool. This will install the latest version.
3. Your bios should be set to default settings. Enter bios (press F2 during boot) and then press F9 (Y) to set defaults and F10 (Y) to save settings and exit.
4. With the installation media inserted into rear USB slot, power ON your NUC and repeatedly press F10 to get Boot Menu.
5. In this menu, choose UEFI option of your Installation media.
6. Follow this tutorial to continue with installation.
7. In para. 9 you may enter Product Key from the Microsoft Distribution you bought .
8. Skip on para. 14 and continue in para. 15. Important, do not format drive where you want to install Windows, rather delete all existing partitions from this drive, till you see one unallocated space.
9. Press Next and continue with the installation.