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Unexpected Shutdown and Powerup


I am using a NUC8i7BEH with Windows 11 installed in WD M2 SSD.


I ran Intel SW and Driver Assistant which shows everything is up to date.


There are a couple of mornings where after booting my NUC, it shutdown immediately after getting into the windows screen. And this happens consecutively over 3 to 4 subsequent manual reboots.  As I power up cold, I rule out thermal shutdown.


There are also a couple of nights where the NUC just power up out of the blue. Usually after midnight.


But I could be running the NUC for hours during the day without any hiccups.


Any advice to fix the random shutdown and powerup issue would be much appreciated.





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Hi Simon,

1. I'm assuming that Windows 11 is a new installed O.S. Was it "clean installation" or upgrade of Windows 10? 

2. Was your NUC working good with Windows 10?

3. In the mean time, I suggest to check if you have BIOS updated to version 0089 ? Reset the updated BIOS to default settings.

4. In order to get better information about your system, please download the Intel System Support Utility (SSU). Run the SSU scan (check "Everything") and save the results. The .txt file with the results please attach to your post.



Hi Leon,


It was clean installation. I installed in a HDD previously. Subsequently due to 100% disk full problem, I bought a M2 SSD and moved the OS over. After I removed the HDD, I was not able to boot. I wrote to the community and you were the one who help me fixed it. I am now able to boot SSD after removing the HDD.


My BIOS is already version 0089. But have yet to set to default.


Attached is my SSD output.



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Hi Simon,

After reading the SSU report, I'm not sure that you installed the Intel® Chipset Device Software. It should be installed after Windows installation and before all other drivers are installed. Only if the Chipset Device Software is installed, the correct driver is extracted from the driver package. So, if you didn't installed this driver, install it now and download and install all other drivers.