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Uninstall Thunderbolt Software


I can't for the life of me successfully and permanently uninstall the Thunderbolt Software.

I plugged into a friend's Thinkpad docking station prompting the installation.

The USB-C port on my HP Spectre laptop didn't take to the docking station well. 

I unplugged and later noticed an error regarding the power surge to my USB Port. 

After resolving that issue, I have attempted to uninstall the Thunderbolt software unsuccessfully time and time again. The uninstall appears to go smoothly and the software stops running in system tray, but then all the sudden it will reappear as if no effort to uninstall had even taken place.

This was my most robust attempt:

Device Manager - System Devices - Thunderbolt Controller 

Uninstall Device and Selected "delete the driver software for this device"

- It is now no longer running in the system tray.

The last step the instruction said was to perform the following via Command Prompt, run as administrator:

Then typing the following without the parenthesis into the command prompt "cs delete nhi" and hitting enter.

After all of that, Thunderbolt still shows up under Add/Remove programs as if it has not yet been uninstalled. And attempting to uninstall from there only results in the software reloading under the system tray.


Thank you in advance... I'm going crazy. LOL

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I realized after posting this that I already had an account established. Anyone know how to merge Community Support Accounts also?


Thanks again!

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Just a thought: Are you sure that you aren't seeing Windows Update reinstalling the package?


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So let me get this straight: You have a TBT4 controller connected to a TBT3-to-TBT2 protocol converter connected to a TBT2-to-Firewire protocol converter. What could go wrong? Hhmmm...